Complete SEO Audit Checklist

Your Full Guide To An SEO Audit

Here at The Online Marketer, we’re aware of how challenging industry-specific SEO can be. Many important factors play into optimizing your company’s website, from overall performance and device versatility to markup strategy and linkage. Industry focus aside, the following points each play crucial roles in your website’s SEO success.

Speed and Perfomance

When potential or existing clients visit your website, they expect a positive user experience through impressive speed and performance. Analyzing your website’s speed and performance will help drive more traffic and encourage clients to continue returning. Many factors impact the speed and performance of your website such as clean code, page size and even your server. 

Device Usability

The days of only desktop computers have been over for quite some time. Today, the consumer market can visit your website from mobile devices, laptops, and even tablets. When designing your website, it’s encouraged to test your page on multiple devices, so you can be sure it loads correctly, and you’re drawing the traffic you’ve been aiming for. Good web design and mobile frinedly sites are a must if you wish to tick these boxes. 

Heightened Security

Your website’s security is a detail that must be paid attention to as it affects current and future success. As with any service or product, malware and hackers continue to transform and optimize their tactics when accessing data and personal information. Implementing practical preventative measures and continuously being aware are both excellent ways to maximize website security.

Is My Website Crawlable?

Your website’s crawlability is a vital component to your website’s success, online visibility, and a search engine’s ability to categorize your website as relatable content to a searcher’s intent. Crawlability is a term used to explain how a search engine’s crawlers visit a website and save the HTML in a database called an index. The index is continuously updated as websites and pages are changed and are what search engines utilize to provide users with search results.

Redesigning + Making a Move

Depending on the change you’re choosing to implement on your website, a website migration can range in the number of tasks and simplicity. Website redesigns and platform changes are both examples of website migration and usually have the end goal of increasing traffic rather than decreasing.

How Can Search Engines Better Understand My Content?

Strategies called markup are utilized to structure content that appears on your website, so search engines can better understand the content and provide users with relevant results more efficiently.

Behind The Scenes

Your website’s overall usability can be improved by giving special attention to the internal architecture such as pagination, URL structure and parameters, and optimized content. Each of these details will help create a better user experience.

Content Optimisation For SEO

Optimizing your website content is the key to increasing your website’s online visibility, traffic, and search engine ranking. Incorporating quality content into your website doesn’t only affect the previously mentioned, but provides users with easy-to-read, trustworthy content.

Building Trust

The foundation of a successful website is formed out of trust. Upon visiting your website, users expect to trust the content and believe it is being delivered from a trustworthy, credible source. Many elements can be incorporated into your website to help build trust.

Creating a Positive User Experience

Your clients expect a user-friendly experience that is low stress and enjoyable. Upon visiting any website, you hope to run into minimal issues and find information easily. Keeping this in mind and creating a website that caters to the user experience will help increase the satisfaction and engagement of your users.

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