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You Searched Melkbos SEO And We Were First

If you landed on this page, you most likely did a Google search for Melkbos SEO.  You found The Online Marketer because we practice what we preach.  With our approach to SEO, Google ranks us first and we can do the same thing for your business.  We can launch your target search phrases into a competitive search engine optimization campaign

Best Team, Better Results

Work with an in-house SEO agency that provides true results with superior communication.

We provide precise reporting, proactive correspondence, and a data-driven approach to raise your results in the search engines. 
Our team is made of passionate experts in the digital marketing field. To learn more about us, visit our Meet the Team page

Our Unique SEO Strategy

The Online Marketer takes a multi-platform approach to achieving SEO excellence. Starting with your website, we build a 98/100 page speed website built for conversions. With a speedy design, we then optimize and add content to your website based on what your customers are searching. 
With Google’s algorithms constantly changing, it is critical that your brand is built for longevity. We keep a close eye on the Google modifications day to day to ensure our Melkbos SEO approach stays current and relevant. 
If your website is not seeing the traffic you need to hit your goals, schedule a call with us today to receive a free strategy session.

Melkbos SEO Reporting

Our digital products come with a suite of tracking and reporting tools tailored to your goals.

We take tracking to the next level by showing you where your visitors click from, what they saw on the website, and the reason they called. We even give you the ability to listen to leads generated from our service.

We are focused on transparent reporting that will help you make more informed marketing decisions in the future.
“I couldn’t be happier on having this team work my vision into quality and profit.”

Our SEO Methods

Our SEO method starts with Google but takes an omnichannel approach meaning your brand is displayed in various places to help with SEO. 

In today’s age, Google is looking at more than just your website for SEO rankings. Take hold of your digital marketing and work with an SEO agency that can expand your marketing and sales with proven results.

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The Online Marketer is a Cape Town SEO and digital marketing company offering services such as local SEO services in Melkbos,  SEO friendly website design and SEO audits at a reasonable price please contact us today for a free quote. 

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